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     Through paintings, drawings, comics, and animations, I tell stories of moving through grief, anger, fear and isolation by rebuilding, and re-enchanting relational bonds with the living and non-living worlds.  Driven by curiosity, the stories do not follow a traditional plot arc or settle into comfortable conclusions. I seek to give space and form to mystery as well as to earnest generative questions about things like fear, intimacy, the influence of economy on human kin-making practices, and different kinds of violence. I also love to paint my cat.


      Using text, image and repetition I create a largely visual language made up of animal and spiritual critters, landscapes, psychological domestic interiors and expressions of nonlinear time. With this language I connect personal shatterings and mendings to collective and historical events and processes, and ask questions about the world that is, as well as speculate about a world that could be or has been. My stories attempt to stretch and bend our sense of time and space into a more responsive and malleable creative material.

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